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We are looking for participants from all over the world. You and your students can apply for an Econ Beats Grant. We will pay you to create your own video about your favorite Economics, Personal Finance, or Entrepreneurship concepts. This assignment is great for classroom projects at the college level, High School courses, AP Micro or Macro courses, Personal Finance courses, Entrepreneurship, or club and student organizations. In addition to providing students with the opportunity to review concepts, and to use the Arts and creativity in education, Econ Beats helps build a classroom community, teaches your students how to manage a semester long project, how to work in groups, exposes them to technology use and teaches them soft skills.  Lets work together to make education an enjoyable experience for you and your students. 

How to Apply

Teachers interested in participating in Econ Beats can choose to enroll in the Fall semester or Spring Semester. Participating teachers only need to fill out the form below as their grant application. The grant review committee will award a grant between $100-$250 per Econ Beats grant proposal. The award will be disbursed at completion of the project. Your grant proposal needs to include the following:

  1. Description of the class Econ Beats is being applied in (i.e Economics class, Econ Club...etc).

  2. Age group and grade of students.

  3. Supervising teacher's name and contact information.

  4. School name and location.

  5. A description of the concepts that will be covered and presented in the Econ Beats project.

  6. Participating semester.

Fall semester projects are due Dec 1.

Spring semester projects are due April 1. 

Summer semester projects are due July 1. 

Annual Awards and Prizes

The Econ Beats awards committee will host an online best Econ Beats video Award. The award will be given to the Econ Beats submission that best explains the educational concept and is most entertaining. Please see examples of previous submission.

In January of each year, The award committee will select the best two videos of the year. The two videos will then compete in a poll hosted on our website. The video with the most votes will receive $500. The Second place video will be awarded $250. The award will be distributed to the person that submitted the proposal. 

Grant Application Form

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Supervising Teacher