I'm a Saver


I’m a Saver is a remake of P!NK’s song titled “Say What”. The song follows an individual as they struggle with being a spender and as they transition to being a saver. The individual experiences a change in their time preferences and learns new ways to save.  



·      Borrowing

·      Interest rates

·      Budget Constraints

·      Loanable Funds Market

·      Credit Cards

·      Consumption Smoothing Model

·      Nominal Wages

·      Money Illusion

·      Time Preferences

·      Personal Finance



1.     Using the Consumption Smoothing Model, identify the area that represents the borrowing phase.

2.     The song has a verse about money illusion. Using your own words, explain what Money Illusion is and give an example of your own.

3.     What is the difference between a nominal wage raise and a real wage raise.


When to show the video

·      When discussing Inflation

·      When discussing Loanable funds market. 

·      When discussing Loanable funds market.