How to Use Econ Beats in Your Class

There are several ways you can use Econ Beats in your classroom. 

1. Have your students create their own song.

2. Play an Econ Beats song before or during class to engage students with the material. Studies show that breaking up the lecture helps students learn more. 

3. Think-Pair-Share. Use the video and accompanying questions to create Think-Pair-Share opportunities for your students. 


See how Econ Beats was incorporated at Northern Kentucky University


Check out some videos made by Northern Kentucky University students

Check out Tamra Carl and her York Community High School students' spring submission Graphstar:


Student Testimonials 

York Community Highschool

"This assignment was so much fun. I think it is now a right-of-passage and something that all econ students should have to do to complete the course. I not only had a great time doing it, but I also think it did a good job of reteaching us about econ concepts we might have otherwise forgotten which will benefit us for our final exam." - Liv Pechous

"When writing the lyrics, we had to find ways to work in terms and explain them in our own words, all while maintaining the overall flow of the song. During the filming process, we also had to find locations that fit our lyrics, for example, filming in the produce section for our lyrics on perfect competition, and in the clothing section for our lyrics on monopolistic competition." - Marty Kelty

"Creating the project on our own exposed us to the material a lot more often and basically forced us to recognize and master the material. It also twisted the content in a fun and engaging way that we enjoyed creating." - David Avello